Modi’s visit brings inconvenience to city residents


Modi’s visit brings inconvenience to city residents



The city residents in the last couple of days have been subjected to very tough time due to the scheduled visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Most of the people  have started comparing the level of inconvenience faced by them ahead of the arrival of Prime Minister Modi with the 1990 era.
The normal life has been hit hard by the presence of scores of army barricades where forces stopp every type of vehicle, be it scooter, auto rickshaw, car or mini bus for checking.
“I remember when in 1990s,  Army would make us stop our buses and asks passengers to get down with the identity card in their hands. The situation is same now from the last couple of days,” said a driver.
At all the junctions leading to the Srinagar city, people are thoroughly checked and asked for  identity cards particularly after 11 CRPF personnel were injured in a grenade attack on Thursday evening in the city.
The student community has also rebuked the vexation caused to them this week.
“The difference is clear. If Modi has to visit Maharastra or Gujarat or Punjab, the people there are let off to celebrate the arrival; a celebration day is observed. But here the army chokes us, makes our life miserable, treats us like animals or terrorists, even frisks out private parts,” rued Umar Bhat (name changed), a student from Central University of Kashmir.
This week University of Kashmir also cancelled its exams and many students have also reportedly missed their exams in lower classes.
No part of city is without rolls of concertina wires. On Friday, people  avoided the road which connects the highway at Sonwar with the Residency Road as the stretch passes through the front gates of the stadium where Modi is scheduled to address people  leading to the Lal Chowk.
“In other states, general public attends the Modi rally but in Kashmir paid workers, forcefully government employees, and families of officials visit,” said a resident of Srinagar.

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