We showed Omar how we get funds without begging: Naeem Akhtar   

We showed Omar how we get funds without begging: Naeem Akhtar



After receiving the economic package, Minister of Education, Naeem Akhtar Sunday lashed out at former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah saying, “Our government got massive funds from Center without begging like “you were used to do and even suggested to us.”
 “We got it without begging and Omar Abdullah too didn’t need to go with us as he had suggested earlier because we feel this is the right of our state as part of India,” remarked Akhtar.
Omar had earlier suggested (June 8) the coalition government to swallow ego and beg before New Delhi for release of funds so that common man heaves a sigh of relief.
“Yes I would go to Delhi and make hand folded request before the Union Finance Minister for release of funds. I was not doing that for myself, but for the welfare of people. Surprisingly, the present Finance Minister asserted on the floor of the house that he won’t go to Delhi with a begging bowl. With the result, he made all of us beggars. I didn’t like to beg before Delhi, but I had no other option,” he said.
Akhtar defended the statement of the Finance Minister, Haseeb Drabu when he had said during his first budget session (March 21st) that their government would not seek any financial assistance from the Delhi other than what was provided for in the Constitution for all special category States.
“The goal of the PDP-BJP government is economic self-reliance and fiscal autonomy and not begging,” said Akhtar.

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