Mother finds 13 yr old son hanging, family terms it ‘murder’


Mother finds 13 yr old son hanging, family terms it ‘murder’



 The family of 13-year old Haris Ashraf doesn’t believe that their teenage son has committed a suicide on the day he was to receive award of “Best Naat Khan” at his school.
They demand that police should conduct a thorough probe into his death incident as “he was too small to hang himself in such a manner”.
On Wednesday afternoon, Haris was sitting besides his mother in their house at Bemina. After sometime, his mother went to market for half an hour to buy chappatis which Haris was supposed to bring to his Darasgah (Islamic seminary) because he was adjuddged as ‘best naat khan.’
When his mother returned at 12:30 pm, she was astonished to see her beloved hanging with a cable wire. Her whole world came to an end, the bread in her hands slipped out and hit the ground, she was unable to shriek for a moment and before she would get unconscious, she managed to communicate the grief to her nearest neighbor.
Soon, the neighbors and relatives gathered to take seventh class Haris to nearest hospital—JVC Hospital. Meanwhile Parimpora police also reached.
“His postmortem was carried then,” said Manzoor Ahmad, maternal uncle of the deceased.
His family and other residents of the area staged a silent protest on Thursday on National Highway to press the police to file the case in murder category and grab the accused instantly.
The things which make the case suspicious in the eyes of the family include “marks found on face and chest of Haris.”
“Firstly, we don’t have that cable wire in our house which was used to hang…there were complex knots in the hanging which was out of craft of a little boy and also when her mother returned; the door was shut from outside as if somebody has visited and then closed the door,” said Manzoor Ahmad.
Senior Superintendent of Police Srinagar, Amit Kumar said, “We have started the investigation under section 174 crpc and will wait for postmortem report before deciding whether it was a murder or suicide.”

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