Pesky power cuts or no electricity cause inconvenience to locals’

Irfan Rashid

Srinagar: With the onset of winter, Srinagar city plunges back into dark age as the electricity began playing seek and hide game at as time when all major examinations are hovering in the air.

The students from many localities of the Srinagar city complained of frequent power cuts after government shifted their machinery from here to Jammu last week, which is seriously affecting their examination preparation.
The power cuts have pushed students of secondary, senior secondary, colleges and universities making it very hard for them to concentrate and prepare in its absence.
In this technological era where everything is dependable on availability of light, students more depend now on computers, mobiles, kindle and many other new media gadgets to complete their syllabus.
The students of journalism from different institutions of the valley use very minimal paper work to note the lectures throughout the semester and being the media students they utilize more online facilities to read in a new fashion like their peers do in other big universities in outside countries.
“We try to learn in modern fashion like students of Jamia Milia or even Harvard as they also use new media to get involved in learning but this undue curtailment has put damp on our very aim,” rued students from Central University of Kashmir.
The Power Development Department has come with a proposal to slash the power supply in both metered and non-metered areas. In the metered areas, consumers would now face at least three hours of power curtailment per-day and in non-metered eight hours.
“The curtailment in metered areas is against the norms where the department is bound to provide round-the-clock power supply. But the Department has been violating its own schedule by resorting to long and unscheduled powers cuts in both metered areas,” complained residents from Nowgam and Kanipora.
The situation has worsened in areas of rural Kashmir like Chari Sharief where students are the worst community to suffer; studying in front of candles for hours.
Reports have been pouring that angry consumers including women are hitting roads and blocking traffic for hours in different localities of Srinagar to protest against diminishing power supply.
Chief Engineer PDD, Bashir Ahmad Khan said that the consumers have to face power cuts due to increased load in winter.  “Our registered capacity is less than what consumers use in winter season. People should come forward with their actual requirements, so that we can buy accordingly.”

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