City turns into ‘mishmash’

Traffic explodes, parking slots squeeze, people suffer, Govt in slumber
City turns into



There has been a phenomenal hike in traffic in Srinagar from 130700 vehicles in 2006 to 167963 in 2010 with a growth rate of 6.5 percent, says Comphrensive Mobility Plan for Srinagar prepared by RITES–a development consultancy.
The highest growth was recorded in cars which grew from 29938 to 48286 with 12.7 percent. The Taxis increased from 4162 to 5638 with annual growth rate of 7.9 percent; autos from 11915 to 14548 with 5.1 percent; two-wheelers from 60942 to 72712 with 4.5; Trucks from 9234 to 10910 with 4.3; mini buses from 3067 to 3380 with 2.5.
The survey shows existing population of study area as 17.7 lakhs and predicts 2031 population of Srinagar at 30 lakhs.
Further showing the hike in rush of visitors as: Tourists increased from 1.12 lakhs from 2000 to 7.36 lakhs in 2010 and Amarnath yatris increased from 1.73 lakhs to 4.58 in 2010.
The study area comprised of Master Plan area (757 sq km) including Srinagar, Pampora, Budgam, Ganderbal, Khrew and Village Settlements.
The total road length of the surveyed area is 715.4 kms and out of that 60 percent i.e. 429.3 kms are less than 10 meteres wide, means no extension of road width could be done.
184.6 kms fall in range of 10-20 meters wide road, 68.8 kms fall in 20-30 m, 9.1 kms fall in 30-40m, and only 23.6 kms fall in 40-60 meters where practically road widening is an option.
Average peak hour journey speed has been measured as 13 kmph and off-peak hour as 19 kmph.
The busiest airport road has recorded the highest peak hour traffic with 6200, followed by zero bridge with 5400, Rambagh bridge with 5200, Budshah bridge with 4800, MA road with 4300, Karan Nagar road with 4000, NH44 with 3100, Bypass road with 3000 and Hazratbal road with 1700.
The fire station chowk has recorded peak traffic hour inflow of 6000, followed by Karan Nagar chowk with 5900, Radio crossing with 5800, Jahangir chowk with 5400, Bemina crossing with 5000, Sakidafar chowk with 4700, Shateng chowk with 4600 and Pantha chowk with 4100.
Car constitutes the most of the traffic upto 33 percent on zero bridge and 32 percent on Budshah bridge. This is followed by Autos constituting 24 percent on Budshah bridge and 21 percent on Zero bridge. Then two wheelers constitute 20 percent on Budshah bridge and 19 percent on zero bridge. Sumo/Tavera forms 19 percent on zero bridge and 14 percent on Budshah bridge. Miimum flow is recorded by mini-buses upto 4 percent on Budshah bridge and 5 percent on Zero bridge.
This category has been divided into two: Off street parking and on street parking.
Following is the details of “Off Street parking” in Srinagar.
The highest daily demand (DD) of parking is found at KMD parking numbering upto 845 with peak demand (PD) of 163 and peak supply (PS) of 176. This is followed by ‘sheikh bagh parking’ with DD touching 558, PD of 80 and PS of 275. Then ‘opposite Biscoe school’ with DD of 536, PD of 118 and PS of 140. Then ‘polo ground parking’ with DD of 382, PD of 92 but PS only 48. Then ‘old state motor garage parking’ with DD of 340, PD of 81 and PS of 162. Then ‘ICICI bank lal chowk’ with DD of 296, PD of 50 but PS only 20.  Then, ‘opposite Biscoe school sumo parking’ with DD of 267, PD of 85 and PS of 40 only. Then Numaish’ with DD of 236, PD of 59 and PS of 160.  Lastly, Nehru park with DD of 136, PD of 55 and PS of 140.
Following is the details of “On street parking”.
Small patch of ‘Lal chowk to Amira Kadal Bridge’ has DD of 752 and PD of 134. This is followed by ‘SBI to zero taxi stand’ with DD of 567 and PD of 122; then ‘SBI bank to Lal chowk’ with DD of 467 and PD of 116. Then Karan Nagar chowk (1) with DD of 451 and PD of 77 followed by ‘Taj hotel to central telegraph office’ with DD of 313 and PD of 78.

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