Let’s go shopping

E-shopping is rapidly spreading its reach in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. The ease that e-shopping has brought the comfort of home shopping to students, employees, housewives and children in Srinagar. That’s why I feel that the benefits of digital shopping should not be restricted within the city limits of Srinagar alone. Instead, it should re­ach out to all choice-starved citizens across the state.
I remember, first ordering a book in 2011, while preparing for the civil services to which most students aspire across the valley’s campuses. I made several vain attempts to have the package despatched to my home in ‘Chari Sharief’, but could only get it dropped at my aunt’s address in Srinagar before being forced to spend a hundred bucks to collect my packet. Despite that, it was still cheaper to get the book than what I would have spent at the local bookstore. By the time I joined the Central University of Kashmir in 2013, I began regularly ordering books from Flipkart, which is now a generic name for e-shopping throughout the valley. That habit introduced me to different genres of literature while studying narrative journalism under my favourite professor Shahnaz Bashir, the famous author of The Half Mother.
In fact, when my teacher released his novel in Srinagar, I opted to buy it on Flipkart instead of the local store, as I was obsessed with e-shopping like my many other fellow students. Unfortunately, following the Kashmir flood of 2014, e-commerce sites started cheating by delivering soiled books to customers.
Last November, I rode the Diwali bumper offer of over 50 per cent discount and ordered 24 novels in a single despatch; so far I have bought almost 50 books online. Now in Delhi, I realise how much dependent I am on e-shopping, even for small things like a bottle or sunglasses. And I ask myself what’s this obsession all about?
And I hear a voice whispering into my head, “It’s the comfort, stupid.”



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