Start afresh

The state that I belong has neither well-wishers nor fans of Narendra Modi. But when the pr­ime minister announced ‘Startup India’, the baffled youth of Kashmir along with those across the rest of the country, who are struggling for a single source of income, turned to Google, news channels, newspapers and every possible source of information to gather whatever they could about the new programme. Young Indians are often scared to start ventures on their own because of manifold problems such as, lack of knowledge about entrepreneurship, corruption and unhealthy competition among several others. Every time we the youth think Modi is just about to miss the bus, he surprises one and all.
I surmise he has the art of articulating his smart ideas passionately like a startup gentleman. His astonishing acts like the unanticipated stopover in Lahore was amazing, which might have even offended many of his own party leaders, but certainly displayed maturity and smart business on his part.
The benefits that the PM announced for startups and his promise to stop the government from poking its nose into what is not its business can make a huge difference to the country’s next generations. Young people running from door to door begging for jobs would now hopefully rediscover their potential and go out to create new opportunities for others. The doctorates will not have to apply for peons’ jobs in government offices. There is every possibility that talent and skill will find their proper place.
Startup India is the latest of a series of branded schemes launched by the Modi government. Earlier, he began smart change with Make in India, Swachh Bharat Mission, Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana and Digital India. However, as always, the efficiency of what Modi announced would depend on regulations and other details that are yet to be drafted and how they are applied. I hope and wonder if he will really be able to transform the parasite culture of our country into entrepreneurship culture?


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