Let’s do it

As the ‘Make in India’ initiative celebrates its first anniversary this weekend, all eyes are focussed on our prime minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled interactions with global honchos, including those from Germany and Japan.
India must make the right pitch for the ‘Make in India’ story to the nearly 1,500 delegates from foreign companies to attract investments so that the initiative can truly move forward.
The worrying trend right now is the low investment in manufacturing that has a bare 16 per cent share of the GDP. We must make every effort to raise this to at least 25 per cent. Initially the ‘Make in India’ campaign week will focus on only 10 key sectors, including pharmaceuticals and information technology.
Lately, several foreign companies have evi­nced interest in Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical and biotech company Bharat Biotech that gained global traction for claiming to work on an antidote to zika virus. If it really works, Indian research would arrive on the world stage.
In the recent past, mobile handset companies started assembling mobile parts in the country, giving a good start to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, but still, lots need to be done to start exporting these handsets, which, right now looks to be a tough job.
Since there has been some dampening in the investment climate, the government needs to equally stress on higher public investment; for this, a lot would depend on the upcoming budget. Reviving the investment cycle would definitely be a big challenge.
If India continues to ride the wave of entrepreneurship, then time is not far, when these new initiatives would transform the country into a developed economy.



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