Rise in Kashmir

The period of 10 months that I spent with and within the Rising Kashmir newspaper was beautiful. “With” because I worked in the organisation and “within” because I received a lot of love from its players. I wish, I had a choice to continue with you for lifelong. Though the love that I received is sufficed for lifelong.

Last week, Daily Rising Kashmir celebrated its completion of 8th year of its publication. I remember, I was in the 9thclass when the paper hit the market on March 10, 2008 with its enticing design and fabulous reportage under highly skilled guidance of Shujaat Bukhari sir—top journalist from the Valley, who previously worked with The Hindu as Kashmir correspondent.  When I resigned in November, 2015, I can’t forget how helpful and loving the he  was to me. Those inspiring lines still echoes in my mind. I wish every journalism student could work under such a mentor for atleast once in his/her lifetime.

Next was, Suhail sir, with whom I had a relationship since before the newspaper. He was my editor and also my teacher in the university. He was the best in both forms. I credit my hard news reporting skills to Suhail sir’s lectures in the university, where he laboured more than we did. I miss his guidance a lot.

Gowhar sir began inspiring me the day he edited my first feature story about “drug de-addiction”. It was amazing when he trimmed that from 3000 words to 1200 words within half an hour.  Later, he became my mentor in journalism field and I benchmark my ideology with him.

Faisul sir was brilliant at ideation. I still wonder how quickly he could think of better ideas about simple things than anyone else and would insist reporters to do a story on that.

I owe a lot to Nazir sir too. He was more like a big brother to me rather than my page editor and would always give me freedom to work on my own.

Coming to colleague circle of reporters; I surely miss dry jokes of Manzoor baya, love of Saleem baya, sisterhood of Sumaiya, smile of Haika and Omar, who were interns that time.

I wish all the best to this highest institute of “fair” journalism in the valley.



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