WB, AIMA in pact for hindi e-learning

World Bank will partner with India to streamline government procurement of goods and services across sectors. As part of the plan, World Bank has concluded a pact with the All India Management Association (AIMA) to offer public procurement courses in Hindi.

World Bank-AIMA tieup is aimed at capacity building of officials who take part in Rs 5,00,000 crore public procurement every year.

Professional courses, to be offered through 10 channel partners, would include certificate and diploma programmes in the contract management.

World Bank also laun­ch­ed the online procurement business portal procurementlearning.org here on Thursday.

“English language teac­h­ing was started in 2012. Now Hindi language learning has also been laun­ched,” said A K Kalesh, capacity building coordinator, South Asia procurement, at the two-day procurement summit here.

Over 10 billion officials across the globe are involved in the procurement process and the professional courses are aimed at improving the processes in contracts handled by them.

According to Abduljabbar H Al-Qathab, lead procurement specialist, even one per cent saving in procurement could pay for the poverty alleviation schemes.




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