Becoming a doctor

With 6.67 lakh students taking the national eligibility-cum-entrance test (NEET) on May 1, its first phase is over. Though the single all-India entrance is a welcome judgment from the Supreme Court, I have reservations about two dates for the entrance test.
I believe, whenever there are multiple exams, the chances of corruption are greater. So, the apex court has simplified the task by making MCI and CBSE monitoring authorities. I believe this is an efficient system, as the admission process will be completed by September and the classes are likely to start in October. However, if the exam is meant for making things easier then why two dates?
Now, there will be only one examination with NEET, as state exams will merge into the all-India test. Many states have expressed reservations about the system out of ignorance, despite NEET respecting both the central and state quotas.
Under the previous system, students declaring multiple domiciles had the advantage of appearing in many state medical exams. This choice was made possible because while some states gave eligibility to all those born there, others granted eligibility to all students clearing their matriculation from the state. So, NEET will trim domicile corruption at the root.
It must be noted that the new system does not interfere with the reservation process, but only makes the system accountable to a transparent selection process. While several states and minority institutes have not understood the process, the private institutes oppose the system as they are earning crores of rupees from capitation fee, which is corruption in bright light.
Though SC has not decided on PG medical entrance, it is common knowledge how seats are being sold for crores, in the absence of a proper admission system. Will the national eligibility-cum-entrance test change the system for selection of medical students? Only time will tell!


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