Not a drop to drink

It’s 5 am and the alarm on my mobile buzzes. “Get up quickly; it is already late. Fill two buckets with water or else you will get nothing to drink, bathe and wash,” warned my roommate.

With eyes half open, I enter the washroom, which I believe, is the world’s smallest, measuring 6 ft by 4 ft. You can hardly multitask here.
I turn on the tap and fortunately here comes the most precious liquid, its each molecule containing two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. You must be wondering why I am breaking water into particles. When I was a child, my science teacher told us that soon technology would advance and scientists would start making water in chemical labs. But years passed and nothing happened except the drought in 11 states across our country.
Back home, in Kashmir, people have hardly heard of “drought” as there is so much fresh water that you can earn foreign exchange selling it. When I first saw the Wular lake, Asia’s largest freshwater body, I could not believe my eyes, as it was so vast. Unfortunately, its condition is not same today. The government is the leading reason for its sorry state, followed by greedy locals. Last week, at my PG accommodation, I went to the kitchen to fetch some water and came to know that the water cans were yet to arrive. In Delhi, I saw this “can system” for the first time. People have to pay a mini-truck to deliver water cans every morning and if you miss it, you are out for the day and that too, clean bowled.
Surely, when a person sits and sleeps in paradise with water present in every taste, he takes it for granted and misuses it a lot. I remember drivers in my hometown using fresh water to wash their cars, mothers using it to water their kitchen gardens, municipal sweepers using fresh water to clean the road — damn it — fresh water is used in large farmlands as well and there is no reaction from the general public because they get to realise its importance only after suffering from denial


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