Motorcoats India brings nanotech vehicle coating

Irfan Rashid

New Delhi

With an aim to revolutionising vehicle coating technology, Motorcoats India has come up with a nanotechnology-based solution to maintain the gloss of vehicles.

After its successful first studio launch in Hyderabad last month, Motorcoats India opened its second studio in New Delhi on Monday. The newly opened store spans over 5000 sq ft with a team of 10 professionals to handle the exterior and interior car protection services offered by the company.

At present, mostly wax-based vehicle coating solutions are used in India, which makes it important to get the car checked regularly. The Delhi studio would be able to deliver 3 cars post-coating services and 10 cars post express services.

Over the next 24 months, Motorcoats India has planned an investment of nearly Rs 86 crore to expand its foorprints across 36 cities by opening more studios for research and development.

“Around Rs 32.5 crore would be spent to set up these studios along with Rs 53 crore of operational and R&D costs,” said Ritu Tyagi, director sales and marketing, Motorcoats India. “We expect a turnover of Rs 100 crores from this.”

Conditions in the Indian subcontinent are perfect for vehicle coating technology as the regular hot sun, industrial pollution and acidic rain damages vehicles’ coating.

The nanotechnology-based solution is said to create an impermeable layer of coating that is resistant to all environmental factors. At present, the technology is widely used in Europe.

Ritu Tyagi said: “During our research days, we found out that there is a strong demand for car protection, which has been untapped in our country where conditions are harsh for a car. Thus we came out with this concept as India has almost 90 per cent unorganised automobile market in aftercare and since then we have received very positive response.”

To instil confidence in consumers, Motorcoats has on offer a “lifetime warranty” offer, which is predicted as an economical boost for consumers. The company is offering coating in three packs, three-year warranty coating for Rs 14,000, five-year warranty coating for Rs 18,000 and lifetime warranty coating for Rs 22,000.