Path to spirituality

Many a time, we are overwhelmed with joy for no reason. At times, we remain silent and motionless even after receiving news of happiness. Actions and reactions are inherent in the nature that have been given to a man. It is all up to him how he wants to use these natural gifts or how not.
Similarly, there is a very important weapon of a man called consciousness. You are termed as conscious if you can differentiate between bad and evil, respect and dishonour, logic and fault, living and dead. Yes, many times it becomes very hard to differentiate between the living and the dead. The one whom you call living, god calls them dead in Quran because they can’t differentiate between oppression and embrace simply good and bad.
You don’t always need to take a tough path of spirituality to understand spirituality itself. As rightly put forth by a Kashmiri mystic, whom hindus call Lalleshwari and muslims call Lal Ded: “I will weep and weep for you, O Mind; (my Soul) The world hath caught you in its spell. Though you cling to them with the anchor of steel, not even the shadow of the things you love. Will go with you when you are dead. Why then have you forgot your own true self?”
The biggest reason of spirituality has always been from the thoughts of death, which inevitably forced a man to remember god. The curiosity of this force pushed Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira to set their foot outside the kingdoms that were given to them on a platter. There is something which forced them to denounce the riches and comfort. Similarly, Lord Ram was exiled to the forests and in turn learnt lessons of life and death. Prophet Muhammad spent days and nights in a Cave in Mecca called Hira where he was enlightened.
It has been established that spirituality exists in all the religions, but what you need to reach there is a path — a path leading towards greater good.


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