Kashmir: Netizens react to ‘caste apartheid’ practiced by Asiya Andrabi

Irfan Rashid

New Delhi: The social media is Kashmir is abuzz with strong reactions against pro-Pakistani separatist leader Asiya Andrabi a day after it was reported that she has denied marriage of her elder son on the basis of caste.

After The Daily Mail reported the difference between Dukhtaran-e-Milat chief and her son Muhammad bin Qasim, Kashmiri youth took to Facebook and condemned the caste based discrimination.

Facebook users compared her caste politics with Hindu Brahmanism where upper caste Brahmans don’t marry with lower caste people. Shabir Hassan Bhat, a Facebook user posted, “Is Asiya imbibing a practice of Brahmans. Then it is disgusting and most shameful. It is caste apartheid.”

People questioned the separatist leader for rejecting a girl for her son on the basis of the basis of the caste as Asiya belonged to a ‘Peer’ caste and the girl reportedly is daughter of a ‘tailor’ based in Srinagar.

Javiad Lone, a Kashmiri Facebook user commented, “If this is true then Asiya is hypocratic lady. I do remember when she used to accompany with her burkha clad women to thrash couples in parks. How can she beat others while her son was involved in same trade.”

Besides for her stand to merge Kashmir with Pakistan, Asiya is famous for her conservative Islamic activities like preaching purdah to Kashmiri girls and visiting public parks to impart moral values to the young couples.

Muhammad bin Qasim, the son of the separatist couple Asiya Andrabi and Dr Muhammad Qasim Faktoo who is in jail for last 24 years, was recently also in news when he supported Dangal girl Zaira Waseem after her mother Asiya had earlier advised the actor to “return from the filth of Bollywood.”

The 26-year-old Qasim who was studying in Malaysia and now pursuing MBA in Australia initially branded the entire Kashmiri community as ‘ignorant’ for targeting Zaira. “Jaahil Qawm hae Kashmir (the Kashmir community is ignorant). We are only pushing her away, #Zaira is an intelligent, bright and awesome kid who needs us!” he had said.


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